When I'm Sixty-Four

August 26, 2017

The Fab 4 Shiva (Paul) Mandella (George) Bahira (Ringo) Fara'Asha (John) — with Barbara Deines Martin at Embassy Suites by Hilton Milpitas Silicon Valley.
Our recreation of the photo for Mandella's 64th birthday!
Fara'Asha as John.
Shiva as Paul.
Mandella as George.
Bahira as Ringo -- right down to the pants.
And as always with our celebrations, "Our Robert" is always there. You're the best. Yay.
Shiva with Paul Stick Figure.
Mandella with George Stick Figure.
Bahira with Ringo Stick Figure.
The Fab 4 for Mandella's 64th Birthday in the classic "When I'm Sixty-Four" photo that came out in the newspapers.
George and the Maharishi. So insightful. And special thanks to Derek Saldivar. We hoped he would be there so he could be the Maharishi -- and he was. He rocked it!