December 2, 2017

We had a blast for Fara'Asha's birthday in our Steampunk theme. But it wasn't the same without our Robert Maldonado.

The Nambah Girls are rocking their retrofuturistic Steampunk outfits for tonights GNO.
Healthy mixed green salad with yummy dressing for a light dinner choice.
Give us meat!
An appetizer choice for dinner.
The birthday girl takes a big bite from her big burger!!!!
Bahira in her Steampunk formal garb.
Mandella in Steampunk leggings and jacket.
Fara'Asha rocked her birthday Steampunk afternoon garb with intricate gloves and jewelry.
Aboard the SSS! Sassy Steampunk Shiva.
Mandella purchased her leggings with keys for our Steampunk theme from: Thanks Debbie Anderson
The Steampunk Nambahlicious gals. The fun will never end!