Royal Wedding

May 19, 2018

We are at our favorite hangout celebrating the Royal Wedding. Last month one of our fans at the bar was on a business trip from England, and he suggested that we do a Royal Wedding theme! So here we are!

Our favorite bartender Rick looking very British.
We have our own Wedding Cake. Congrats to Harry and Meghan!
The two royals: The Duchess Fara’Asha of Capital and The Baroness Bahira of Cronin.
The Ladies in waiting: Lady Shiva of Sepulveda and Lady Mandella of Gypsy Way.
The (Wedding) Party!
Here’s to you both H+M.
It's all about the Royal Gloves!
Our Shiva. In Red & Black, she had Rick doing a double take!
Fara'Asha is Pure elegance.
Our two Royals bid you good evening. See you next time.