Tackey Bridesmaids

December 29, 2018

Another successful GNO in honor of Shiva’s birthday. Tonight’s theme: Tacky Bridesmaids.

Tackey Bridesmaids, you say? No problem. Nobody does it like the Nambah girls.
Birthday girl Shiva blows out the candles on her Tackey Bridesmaids Birthday Cake. You still got it woman!
Fara’Asha didn’t get the message and showed up as the Tacky Bride. She did nail it, however. LOL
Mandella showing off her gaudy frills in predictable tacky form.
Bahira does Tacky like an islander queen.
Looks like Shiva caught the Tacky Peppermint Candycane. Will she be the next one going down the aisle?