Armed Forces Day

May 18, 2019

Tonight we are celebrating Armed Forces Day. The Nambah girls are lined up representing:

The Air Force -- Bahira
The Military -- Mandella
The Army -- Fara'Asha
The Coast Guard -- Shiva
Our bartender supplied us with the appropriate drink.
OK, OK, so Mandella is toasting with a jar of honey. "It looks the same," she says. LOL
A friendly round of arm wrestling ensued between Fara'Asha & Mandella.

A challenge...becomes a brawl.

Fara'Asha starts with the upper hand...
...but Mandella grabs her wrist...then...
puts her in a choke hold.
Mandella slaps the cuffs on. Off to the brink Fara'Asha. Mandella, job well done!
"At Ease" everyone.
Bahira makes Mandella aware of of a crafty hoodlum on base.
Mandella is just itching to take care of the troublemaker.

Which brings us to fun times behind the scenes with Richard Pascual. But Mandella CLEARLY needs work on her intimidation skills!

What is this guy smiling at?
I'm gonna wipe the floor with this one.
I must be losing my touch. He just keeps smiling at me!
Why, I oughta step on your toe, then you'll lose that smirk.
Time to slap him upside the head.
Yeah baby...that's right. Who's smiling now!