Runaway Brides

June 22, 2019

Guess what tonight's theme is!

Mandella is holding a clue in her hand. Guess what tonight’s theme is!
The iconic cake topper. Runaway Bride.
Recreated by Shiva and Richard Pascual.
Our demure group shot.
Best group of friends at ANY occasion: Fara’Asha, Mandella, Bahira and Shiva.
Goofing off...what we do best!
So much fluff!
RUN!!! the wind!!!!!
No this way!!!
Shiva changed her mind.
And Mandella Rivera found one walking by.
Mail order bride from the Motherland.
Sweet and innocent Fara'Asha.....NOT!
Glam girl Shiva.
Bride Mandella's serious side.
Bride Mandella's funny side.
Mandella and Fara'Asha sharing our favorite dessert "Spubomba" ... (we renamed it from Spumoni Bomba.)
The fun never stops with this group! Next gathering: Route 66.