Route 66

August 17, 2019

The festivities have started!! Guess what Mandella’s birthday theme is...

The counter decorations.
Mandella has her candy cigarettes.
Carhop Fara’Asha serves the birthday girl her hamburger.
And a soda with a cherry on top. Haven’t seen one of those on a while!
There is great interest in the pink squirrel! Hunks in trunks go swimming.
Biker Barb.
Chews the fat with the drag race birthday girl.
Thumbs up.
Thank you Karen Stevens & Duane Stevens for my wonderful Route 66 sign!
The Route 66 gals at the bar in all their "Glory Days."
Ready, set, go!
Double Trouble.
Mandella gets her Racing Wings!
Mandella's first Coke! OK fine, it's her usual ice water in a cool Coke glass. He he
Shiva & Richard with racing flags reading to........go!
Fara'Asha serves the hard working flag man. Thanks Richards -- the flags are awesome!