November 21, 2021

Celebrating Fara'Asha's Birthday at the Bar at Crown Plaza, Milpitas.
Bahira & Mandella Mirror Image
Bahira and Mandella. Oh yeah, and our penchant for being Outside The Box. Imagine that!
Fara'Asha & Mandella Twin Poses.
Shiva and Bahira. It was another rockin' GNO.
Fara'Asha and Bahira. At your service.
Fara'Asha & Shiva -- is it getting hot in here?
Shiva, strutting her stuff.
Bahira's solo shot. The drama queen. "Thank you to all my adoring fans. I love you all."
Fara'Asha & Shiva -- Dinner is served.
Bahira & Mandella -- Dessert anyone?
Gothic Theme. Our last in-public Nambah’s GNO, pre-COVID. We switched to The Veranda once we were vaccinated.
Bahira in all her Gothic Elegance.
Mandella warns: Be afraid -- be very afraid.
Come stay dry with me.
Or, come take your chances with me.
This was our last GNO for quite a while because COVID hit. We missed seeing each other every month, but sacrificed so we could we keep each other safe.