Wild, Wild West

June 20, 2021

Last night was our first GNO (Girls Night Out) since the COVID lockdown over a year ago. We usually select a monthly theme, get dressed up and go to our favorite bar for drinks and dinner. We decided to do it on The Veranda this time just to be safe until we can find a new location.

The poker table. Lots of loot to play with.
The guard cat, Mumu. Or Moo Moo if you’re keeping with the theme.
Honoring the intrepid farmers and settlers that moved westward.
Keep out!
This is Bahira's grandmother’s NY family photo from over 100 years ago.
The Majong table honoring the Chinese immigrants that built the western railroads.
Yes that is a brass opium pipe.
Which is more precious?
The House Rules.
The dinner menu.
This represents the Spanish immigrants who came up from Mexico to settle.
Spittoon. You better have good aim!
Yes indeed!
Reminder--Church tomorrow 7 AM.
Get ready for a Wild Ride! The next installment is on the way!

Wild West installment #2. The participants begin to arrive.

Zorro (Fara’Asha) arrived to save the underdogs. Shiva may look innocent (but she’s not)!
Settling down to slick round of poker.
Does this look like a good hand?
Zorro greeting the town Sheriff Mandella.
Howdy Ma’m, I don’t think you’ll need to use that rifle.
Sheriff says be on the lookout for this wanted man.
Ladies can spit too.
A little cheating’ going on. Someone may have to go to jail.
Zorro tries the spittoon. Or maybe she just had too much whiskey!
Feeling better.
A nice Nambah family photo.
Zorro is more of a lover than a fighter. Shiva is in love!
Was I being too obvious?
Time to get this party started. This is how the Latin lovers do it!
Yee HA!
House rules say No Shootin’! You’re going to get us in trouble.
Let’s slow things down with a little love song…
…and a little whiskey.
How do we play this Majong game? Zorro knows. Bad Bahira says “I’ll hold your rapier for you, Zorro.”
Shiva say “What’s this thing?”
Sheriff Mandella says “It’s a little like whiskey….but a stronger..”
“This is how it’s done…”. Zorro is trying the Rice wine.
“Let’s all have some”
“Cheers.” Now the party gets out of hand….. Trouble ahead!!

Everyone Goes To Jail

How’d I get in jail?
The ladies stick together. “Thanks for the rifle, but it won’t fit through the bars. Go get Zorro!”
“Watch out! That thing’s sharp! Can you pick the lock with it?” “No. I just wave it around and it makes a zzzzz sound, like a light saber.”
The Sheriff always gets her man, thumbs up! bad Bahira says “Come a little closer.””
“Dang! I didn’t see that coming”. “Get the keys and let me Out!!”
Now Shiva is behind bars.
Cowboy Dave comes to console her (wink wink)
But Zorra is her real hero. “I’ll have you out in jiffy!”
Now look who’s behind bars.
Zorro can’t help herself. She has to save everyone. Even the Big Bad Sheriff Mandella.
The gang is out and back together.
I’m getting hungry. Let’s eat!
The table is set. Bison burgers, roast corn and baked beans. Dig in!
Even the bartender/cowpoke gets to join us!
Good friends. Good times. So happy to get together again!! Love you Gals!