Greek Godesses

July 25, 2021

Last night was GNO: Greek Godesses on The Veranda. The Veranda was converted into a facsimile of Mt. Olympus, home of the Gods and a lavish banquet to boot was served on the night of the full moon in honor of Hecate, Goddess of the Household, Crossroads, Portals and Sorcery.

Enter the Realm of the Olympian Goddesses, if you dare!
Decorations courtesy of Savers Thriftstore and Bahira’s garage!!
The magical Veranda transformed. Brenda came over to take photos for us. Thanks Brenda.
Mumu approves of the party!
Welcome, mortals! Mandella is Athena, Goddess of War, Wisdom, the Arts, and patron of Heroes. Fara’Asha is Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Wild Animals, the Forest, the Moon and Childbirth.
Shiva is Themis, second wife of Zeus, also known as Lady Justice with dominion over balance and fairness. She also kept order during lavish Olympian banquets and advised her husband Zeus on the principles of divine law and fate. Themis is instructing Brenda on how we want the photos to be done!
Mezza appetizers set!
Hecate’s place: Keys to the Other Realms and two torches to light the way. That is Ambrosia on the left, the food of the gods. Ambrosia made them immortal.
Themis and Artemis inspect the Buffet.
Watch out! The Goddesses are ready to judge you! Behave! L-R: Themis, Artemis, Hecate, and Athena.
In Repose and in a good mood for relaxing!
Animated discussions about “The Mortals”.
Having fun together, as always. Love you ladies!
When will the Banquet begin, Themis? We’re hungry!
Stuffed mussels. Delicious!
Mezza: many small dishes.
The main banquet table.
Dive in!
Hecate says: come with me. I will bring you into the world of the Gods.
I alone hold all the keys!
Artemis and her hunting bow.
Artemis: in serious mode. Don’t mess with her when she’s like that!
Themis and Athena in deep discussion on justice and wisdom.
Themis in a lighter mood: everything is perfect. Enjoy Life!
Athena teaches men to use cunning and intelligence to conquer, rather than brute strength and violence.
Contemplating Wisdom, the Arts and Classical Learning.
Classic group pose. We are the Mightiest of Goddesses!!
We even had a mortal come and visit. Welcome Razool! (A neighbor walking by could not resist the temptation of the Goddesses. He even asked for some black tea and sat himself down! Brave Mortal!)

Yes, even immortals have GLAM shots for posterity!

Bahira as Hecate: guardian of the passageways, holder of the keys. Do you wish to pass through? Are you sure?
Mandella as Athena -- you don't stand a chance against her.
Fara'Asha as Artemis in her realm of Wild Animals in the Forest.
Shiva as Themis in her sacred grove at The Oracle of Delphi.
The Goddesses in Heaven looking down on the mortals