Frida Tribute

October 30, 2021

Last night was Dia de Los Muertos Girls Night Out on The Veranda. Since COVID hit we have abandoned our usual indoor bar hangout and have been celebrating outside using social distancing and masks. All of us except Shiva are fully vaxxed so we can gather safely though cautiously. Last night’s theme was to honor Frida Kahlo so we all did our best to represent her!

Even Shiva was dressed (in effigy) to be with us!
This 1000 piece puzzle tells Frida’s fascinating story.
Frida’s studio.
Ready for the feast.
Candles, candles and more candles.
Even Diego Rivera came to dinner.
The three Frida’s.
Friends forever!

We recreated iconic photos of Frida and her artist husband Diego Rivera

Diego and Frida at home.
Bahira in re-creation
Mandella in re-creation
Fara'Asha in re-creation
Another iconic photo of the “happy” couple.
Who did it better?
Fara’Asha wins the prize!
Diego paints Frida’s portrait.
Diego continues his portraits.
Bahira says: I’m ready for my closeup Mr. Diego
Chow time. All our mouths are full! Carne Asada, Chili Rellenos, Salsa and Margaritas.
Diego gets Tequila.
We’ll be back next month! Stay tuned!

Here are some magical layouts of our GNO theme honoring Frida Kahlo.

Frida communing with the spirits passed.
Frida looking into the hearts and souls of the ancestors.
Frida surrounded by the fluttering ghosts on the other side.
Three Frida’s looking into the future.
Diego Rivera: Lover, Artist and Man’s Man.
...and in the morning, a Befitting Day of the Deadly Breakfast. It got 1 thumbs up--no wait--2 thumbs up, as Frida's scary baby sister showed up.