Japanese Anime

November 20, 2021

Ok Anime Fans of The Veranda: The Nambahlicious Ladies had their monthly GNO last night and was it ever animated! Once again we outdid ourselves -- not bragging at all here!

The group shot of us with Shiva in effigy due to not yet being vaccinated.
This GNO was in honor of Fara’Asha’s 70th (!) birthday.
The Veranda was decked out in a Japanese theme.
Mt. Fuji with pagoda and cherry blossoms galore.
More decorations.
Dining table.
The welcome sign.

And these are your players:

Izuku. The female form of the vigilante My Hero Academia character in a fan made alternative universe who has the superhuman ability of being Quirk-less with innate heroism and a strong sense of justice.
Amaterasu: Sun Goddess portrayed as progenitor of the earth’s human population, especially the royal linage of Japan.
Kitsune-Miko: Shape-shifting fox spirit imbued with many supernatural abilities such as creating illusions, generating lightning and faithfully guarding friends and lovers.
Ash Ketchum with Pikachu on his shoulder. The original Anime hero!
Bahira as Amaterasu.
Mandella as Izuku.
Fara'Asha as Kitsune-Miko
Dave as Ash Ketchum with Pikachu
Solo shot of Bahira as Amaterasu.
Solo shot of Fara'Asha as Kitsune-Miko
Solo shot of Mandella as Izuku.
Solo shot of Dave as Ash Ketchum with Pikachu.