69/Yin Yang

August 21, 2022

Yin Bowl
...and Yang Bowl
It definitely was that time on The Veranda!
Fire and water banners fluttered in the evening breeze.
And the centerpiece for the photo shoot to follow.
Mandella is ready. Happy Birthday #69 !!!

Appetizers started the evening followed by Surf ‘n Turf on the grill. And then: The Glam ‘n Ham shots Nambah is famous for!

Prosciutto and mozzarella rolls.
The birthday girl diving in to the apps.
Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
Hors d’oeuvres plate to nibble on while Bahira woman-handled the grill.
Party favors for all: Yin Yang bracelets to bind them all!
Even the cutlery posed for Yin Yang!
Let’s dive in!
Wagyu beef hamburgers with Yin Yang cheese accents.
Yin Yang Mohito shrimps on skewers over Linguini noodles.
And grill zucchini side.

After eats, the photo shoot begins. Yes we are photo hams!

And now the photo shoot. The birthday girl glams first!
Hostess cheesecake
Sultry Fara’Asha!
Three Amigas!
We love you Mandella!
Pair shots.
She’s the Star!
Love these gals!
Cheeky girls.
The Star of it all. Not bad for 69 years of age.

No Birthday celebration is complete without cake and candles.

Three candles for friendship.
And easy extinguishing.
Gotta have coffee with the cake!
69 O'Clock here.
The chef gets to rest!
The next Theme birthday is in September: Bahira’s 69th and a 2022 Retirement Theme. Yes we are all now officially retired and free to roam about the cabin. See you in September!