Mad Scientist

October 30, 2022

The two Mad Scientists met last night on the Haunted Veranda to celebrate their vast knowledge of the spooky. Drs. Frank and Stein tested out their stethoscopes on a variety of objects to determine life.

Still beating! Check!!
This one needs an injection.
Dead or alive?? No pickled.
Does the mummy even still have her heart?
Dr Frank instructs Dr Stein on where in the world we are.
Need a sip.
A friend flew in. Please excuse the front of Dr Stein’s shirt. The last surgery was difficult.
Is the flying ghoul alive?
On to the experiments. Everything is better with wine.
Add just the right amount.
This poor fellow needs some eye rejuvenation serum.
Success! All better now!
I’ll drink to that! I prefer an “eyelive” in my martini.
But wait, there’s more!!
Wine that is.
Last rites for The Mummy… with proof the the ancient scientists also wore ties.
The guests begin to arrive. Welcome Pat Carey.
And Sherie Graysmark. Now the dining can begin!

Feast time on the Haunted Veranda. What yummy, revolting, dishes has Dr Stein prepared for her victims, I mean guests. Hold on to your heads ladies!

The guests are here. Time for the gory feast!
Witches’ fingers pizza
Pickled Sea monkeys.
Scrambled brains on the Half Shell.
A motley crew of guests, ready to dive in.
Unhappy frogs.
Yummy stinky cheeses.
Stuffed Fungi.
Penicillin Baguette slices.
And the main course, hot from the crematorium:
Spaghetti and Eyeballs!
With extra flavor added by Dr Frank.
The Brain Creator is fired up to produce the special dessert.
Add one empty brain…
And it comes out filled with delicious knowledge. Yum!!!

The setting for all this Halloween Nonsense. Yes, I do this every year. All made from thrift shop finds. Did I mention I love Halloween??

The glowing hearth.
Looking out from the dark expanse (from the street). That is the witch doctor’s hat in the foreground.
The candles all lit up add lots of ambiance.
Don’t feed Audrey!
The Brain Creator Machine glows gently in the night.
Is something green sneaking up on The Lab?
Something is wrong with the moon tonight, but don’t worry, Dr Frank will give it an injection and all will be spooky.

And here are our “glam?” shots from The Haunted Veranda

Happy Halloween….
…from the Graveyard!

And for our final Haunted Veranda photos (we’re just dress-up show queens).

Who wore this better…
Or Mandella? .... Mandella Is The Winner!
Who wore this better…
Or Bahira? .... Queen Bahira, Witch Doctor Extraordinare reigns supreme!