Time Travel

February 25, 2023

Since the Destruction of the planet is imminent as seen from these photos of The Veranda, the Nambahlicious ladies have decided to send ourselves back in time to a safer (at least secure) time this evening until things settle down.

Utter chaos!
30 mph wind devastated The Veranda.
And the Pavillion…
Pushing clouds along the setting sun…
And cutting out the power.
We approached the powers that be…
To quantum leap…
And time travel to a safer(?) at least confirmed place and time.
The instructions we got on building the apparatus.
Hoping it will work.
Each of us gathered our temporal passports. Mandella Rivera
And Dave…
And reported to the appropriate place for our last meal in this time/space.
Documents all duly certified and sealed. Now for the last Supper (in this Time Zone)

So each dinner place was set with passport and compass. And the Final Feast began.

Place settings: temporal passports and compasses. For Mandella...
For Fara-Asha
And Dave
The dinner setting was in the present time 2023.
But the food was Neanderthal!
Meat! lamb, Turkey, beef and pork, with assorted ancient grains.
Thistle heads (artichokes) with dip.
Meat. Meat. And more meat..
Purple rice.
Pearl Barley
Quinoa- all ancient grains.
And potatoes from the new world.
With meat juices: gravy stew.
When we were done eating our farewell dinner, we reported to the temporal authority for accounting of our chosen travels and farewell shots before embarking.
Mandella explained her travel desires.
Notorized travel plans.
The hologram Al from Quantum Leap gave some advice.
Fara’Asha read a heartwarming wish to meet Amelia Earhart in person.
Fara'Asha was sure to have her proper documents fly across the proper channels.
Bahira and Dave had a hard time communicating.
So a demonstration was given instead on the construction and use of tools from 8,000 years ago.
Grinding stone.
Ceremonial flints.
Flat side of scraper used to separate the flesh from skins.
And a heavy hand axe made from petrified wood.
All travel was duly approved. NEXT!

After the business portion of our GNO Time Travel presentations, the Nambah tribe posed for farewells and photos.

Brave and casual at the same time. Fara’Asha looking forward to her adventures in the sky.
The formal shot for the record.
And a salute to her hero Amelia!
Mandella shows the harlequin side of her personality.
And then the serious side.
Split time traveling personalities…her jump will be fraught with complications. Just the way she likes it!
Bahira looking forward to using her creative and analytical skills to give Homo Sapiens a better start on culture from the beginning.
And happy to bring her muscle along for protection from predators and hostile dangers.

Group shots of our Time Travelers’ Girls Night Out Event.

Buddies for all times.
Excitement gets intense--ticking down to take off.
Gone! Don't worry though, we'll be back "in time" for a new adventure.
Oops we left Dave behind!!
I came back for Dave -- true love through the ages of time.

And now the Glam/Fantasy photos. So much fun! Love love love all these people!

The Time/Space Master Sam (Mandella) in the body of a 1920s gangster.
Al conferring with Mandella as he calculates on Ziggy for the probabilities for this leap through Time!
Somewhere in Iberia 10,000 years BC.
Fara’Asha flying off into the sunrise to find her hero Amelia Earhart! Safe landing!
Time cannot stop us! We are now Universal. And we WILL be back!! What time, you say?? Who knows! Stay tuned…
Mother Goddess? Cave Bear? Shaman? Venus of Willendorf? Goddess Particle? How would YOU caption this?