Trees, Plants and Flowers

April 29, 2023

Soooo happy Winter is over!! We are back to our GNO on The Veranda. Perfect weather with just a nip of chill in the air. We are celebrating Nature in all its bounty this Spring.

The Easter bunny greets us at the door.
Official Marquee!
The Veranda nasturtiums cooperated in the celebrations.
Spilling out over the patio with cheerfulness.
Always a little candle decor (I am obsessed with them!)
This one is wrapped in bark.
The table is ready.
Shadows descending with the setting sun.
We’re ready to party!! One of us is in this shot. Where’s Waldo? Can you find her?

And here are the players! We are such hams.

Surprise!! The Nambahlicious girls salute you! Can you guess what we are?
Poison Ivy is on the left. Mandella Rivera is very potent!
Mother Nature is in the middle. Bahira is happy to be with her girls.
And Fara’Asha is on the right. Can you guess what she is?
…a dandelion!!! She made her costume from scratch.
Don’t go away….there is more to come!

Now for the solo nonsense: our moments to shine alone!

Sittin’ in the sun just waiting for a breeze to ruffle her hair!
Watch out for Mandella. She has a sting if you get too close!
Bahira as Mother Nature. She loves all of her creations.
Don’t blow too hard…Fara’Asha will lose her mind, or at least her “hair”.
Toxic, and proud of it! Don’t mess with Mandella!! She’ll have you itching for more!
Bahira, the Earth Mother so proud of her handiwork.
Don’t go away…..there’s more nonsense to come.

And now for some Story telling, Nambah style:

Shall we pick this weed? No, dandelions are so versatile: they are totally edible, they are the first to appear in Spring to feed the bees and can grow just about anywhere.
Ok! We’ll just hug her instead.
No, let’s blow her fuzzies away!
Poison Ivy brings us in for a Springtime hug. Love you gals!
Do you feel itchy, Fara’Asha?
“My bad” says Mandella.
No more hugs for YOU, Poison Ivy!

And on to the table portion of our GNO:

We all got our temporal passports (from last GNO) stamped with the new red happiness stamp and proceeded to the table.
Open the beverages!
Taking photos of the food, a must.
Several plates with a nature theme.
Hors d’oeuvres first. Brie melted in the afternoon warmth was delicious.
Deviled eggs, a nod to the Easter Bunny! Yum
The fare for our feast was “down to Earth” simple: mixed greens, fresh fruit and pizza!
Dragon fruit salad.
Greens and more.
Pizza topped with everything.
Each had its own plate.
Mint from garden gives the fruit a zing.
And coffee at the end. Another successful GNO on The Veranda.

And now for the fantasy Glam-shots:

Nambah Au natural. No shrinking violets here!
Poison Ivy, flying high. Watch out below!
Mother Nature admiring her work. Damn, I’m good!
Just a Dandy in the field. I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.
…and off you go, spread your seeds….
Toasting to the next month’s GNO: “Villainesses”. Stay tuned for more nonsense.