May 27, 2023

Tonight’s GNO theme is Ladies of Evil! Villanesses unite!

The welcome table.
Guess where we are….is that Nemo nestled in the anemone?
And who is that captured by the shark?
The first clue.
Guess again.
Ursula calls the Meeting of Chaos to order.
Cruella DeVille signs in.
All present and accounted for
Let the Chaos begin!!

The Meeting over we can relax and start on nibbles.

Cruella DeVille dreaming of her fur coat.
Ursula and her loan shark.
The Evil Queen from Snow White joins in.
Hors d’oeuvres: Goldfish, of course!
Place settings to match each villainess.
Sushi for starters.
The Dalmatian puppies join in.
Salute! Shots for the Evil Ladies!

The food feast from Under the Sea!

Shrimp cocktail.
Variety of buns.
Salad, not seaweed.
Umami broth.
…with pickles and seaweed.
The main dish: Broiled Salmon Stuffed with Crab and Lobster with Bechamel Sauce.
And more sushi, of course.
These look like squids but they are grilled purple asparagus!
Poisoned caramel & chocolate apples from the Evil Queen.
And Deviled chocolate cake from Cruella DEVILLe!
Coffee in the Seapot to finish.

And yes, we are photo hams! The Ladies of Chaos love to pose!

Ursula in her octopus’s garden under the sea.
How many tentacle feet do you see?
Count again!
Who’s next!
Care to taste this lovely apple?
There is NOTHING wrong with it. Trust me!
Mirror, mirror in my hand, who’s the fairest in the land?
That would be ME, of course.
Come to me, little puppies. Let me pet your lovely fur.
Dreaming of my new coat.
Do you think I’m evil? Thank you!
The dastardly couple from the deep dark depths.
Usula and her loan shark, Fynn.
You look fabulous, darling! And so do you, darling!!
The Evil Queen is in the background making a phone call.
Being silly. What we do best.
What will we do next time? You’ll have to wait and see!

Here are our Glam Shots from our GNO Under the Sea, Evil Ladies of Chaos.

Usula in her cavern under the sea.
Fynn, Usula’s trusty (?) loan shark.
Don’t worry. The puppies are safe with me…
The Evil Queen is beautiful any time of the month!
I’ll see YOU under the sea!!