July 31, 2023

On Monday, July 31, 2023, The Nambahlicious ladies met at The Veranda Tiki Bar to start their South Seas adventures.

Comfy seating on The Tiki Bar Veranda.
Hawaiian decorations.
Jungle wildlife.
Our mascot. No comments on her beauty, or lack there of….
Catching fresh fish for our dinner.
The bar is ready!
Natures jewels.
Come and sit awhile.
Our goody bags: woven baskets that will be used as our suitcases when we begin our journey’s adventure. Compass, drink coaster, wine cork and fan.
Salty chips.
Yum yum or yam yam?
Traditional Spam Sushi for starters.
Mini Hawaiian burger sliders with sweet and sour sauce.
Coconut shrimp
And Hawaiian Punch.
Dreaming about our adventures to come. Indonesia is our ultimate destination!
The Great God Maui showed up to give us our honorary Hawaiian names.
We are ready for anything!
I “sea” an ocean voyage in our future!

We made plans to set off on our adventures with Maui’s blessings, but before we departed we performed a farewell to Hawaii with Uilani dancing, Makani on Ukulele and Palila translating the words and dancing movements.

…The cliffs…
…the trees
Maui sends us off with his best wishes for a safe journey.

We leave lovely Hawaii in our handmade outrigger canoe, headed for the South Seas of Indonesia.

We’re in search of FUN!
Happy fish in the Hawaiian waters below
We begin to paddle in synch.
Uh-oh!!! Something in the water below!
What do we do?
Makani starts to kick with her feet to get us through this danger!
Here we go go! into the narrows of the straits.
Ominous visions
Of Voodoo…
Unknown creatures…
I think we have made it!
Look!!! it’s beautiful!
The safety of Uluwatu (The Rocky End of the land), Indonesia!
And the lush jungles of Bali
We dock the boat.
And offer thanks to the jungle god and to calm the volcano’s spirit.
The volcano.
The spirits are satisfied and we are allowed to disembark.
Thank you Great Spirit!!
Safely on The Lanai of The Pavillion, we can relax.
Thank you Maui for keeping us safe!!

The Pavilion is lovely in the gentle evening light. Sooo relaxing.

Uilani “Heavenly Beauty” takes a turn in the sky chair.
Makani “Wind” is a flower among flowers.
Uilani “Heavenly Beauty” is indeed so.
Palila “Bird” is so relaxed.
So happy!
A real swinger!
The Pavillion decorations are perfect. Indonesian shadow puppets looking fierce.
Lots of tchotchkes!
Musical instruments.
The lighting was perfect.
The door of The Pavillion is always open to guests.
Quan Yin blesses you.

Indonesian Dinner is served!!

This is Nasi Kuning Lengkap: Spiced Baked Rice Volcano Cone dinner. Yellow rice with vegetables, fish, egg pancakes, pulled pork and shellfish served on banana leaves.
Bon Appetit says the Chef!
Fresh fruit salad: Dragonftuit, watermelon, pineapple, berries and coconut.
And Mochi Custard for dessert.
Maui approves: Begin!!
Love you, my handsome Hawaiian God!
The girls digging in!
I’m hungry again!!
After dinner poses.
A little night drumming.
Great solo of Uilani!
Sweet shot of Makani.
A true Hawaiian
What’s this?
Looks like the local news paper!
Look it shows we have arrived! And are very welcome here.
Let’s give them a little night music!!

After dinner posing on The Pavillion Lanai. Did I mention we like posing!??

We love being in Polynesia!
The Pavillion doors are open and lovely music 🎶 pours into the night air.
The moon rises over the garden
Uilani leads us in salutations to the night sky.
Capturing the moon.
We all give thanks to the night sky, the moon god and to good friends!
And our temporal passports were duly stamped documenting this epic, two location GNO. Aloha one and all! See you next time!

...and, of course, our Glam Shots from our Hawaii/Indonesia Girls' Night Out.

Another Framed Friendship Moment.
Island fun
Bahira aka Palila (Bird)
Mandella aka Makani (Wind)
Fara'Asha aka Uilani (Heavenly Beauty)
Dave aka Maui (Our Island god and protector)
And to conclude our GNO Hawaii/Indonesia theme, here we have the Side-By-Side of Dave as Maui. Spot on!