70's Hippie Theme
August 12, 2023

On August 12, 2023 in honor of Mandella’s 70th (!) birthday, she chose the theme of 70’s Hippies for our Monthly GNO theme. Easy peasy, but where do you find bell bottoms anymore?

A nice Boho blouse from Fara’Asha.
Chocolate munchies.
And a reminder of the days of "enlightenment."
So appropriate.
Peace out everyone!
Remember the disco balls?
Mandella back then. Hippie girl!!
Patty Hearst???!
Prom photo: Nancy and Mike Burnside.
Toenails painted and ready to go!
Read all about it in the Nambah News.
Take out food for dinner. Hippies don’t cook!
Let’s eat!

On to the party!

Dave and Barbara. Peace out…Love to all.
A little dessert toke…..NOT!
Temporal Passports duly stamped…flower power!!!
Fara’Asha is Boho chic and ready to dance.
Bahira is thinking about it.
Come on! Let loose!
I need a little incentive.
Ok. Here we go!
Aah…there she went!
Must have been the No Hash Brownies!

Now for the performance part of the journey.

The planning session for our “performance”.
We’re not quite ready yet.
One last “toke” before we take the stage.
Ok, girls. Let’s get our glitter tambourines in sync.
Ready! Heck yeah!
Thank you…. Some Kind of Wonderful video.
…thank you very much. Our tour starts tomorrow.

Now for “family photos” -- And a retrospective.

Three amigos flashing the peace sign.
With our favorite groupie.
We love you Dave!
Bahira back in the day….so sweet. What happened???! She got even sweeter!
Mandella, movie star chops. I’m ready for my close up.
Fara’Asha so innocent….wink, wink!
Fara’Asha in her 70’s minidress.
Bahira in her empire style ball gown.
Beach blanket Bahira.
Mandella in her crocheted bathing suit…how retro! Santa Cruz Mama.
Cool Mandella and Babydoll in his big bell bottoms.
Prom night in Lebanon with William Kane Cheek. We were so cool in black and white! Bahira designed her outfit and Willie coordinated his ensemble to match.

The glam shots for fun. Just trying to be creative. We had fun reliving our glory days! Peace Out Everyone till next time….October. Halloween is coming. Beware!

Dave at Woodstock. Hahaha
Flower Power Couple.
Sexy Mama.
What I’d give for those gams again!
Bahira in Hawaii.
Through the looking glass. Don’t mess with Mandella.
Bahira’s red carpet of sand and palm trees in Lebanon.
Fara’Asha means “butterfly”. She had indeed transformed from the 70’s little caterpillar to jeweled butterfly in her 70s.