October 28, 2023

On Saturday October 28, 2023 the Nambahlicious Ladies of the Night gathered on The Veranda to celebrate Halloween as only we know how to do. The scene was set for spooky shinanigans and here is the field of play.

Welcome one and all to The Creepy Veranda.
Note the little “g” on top of the big “b”!
Ghost seating….
…of friends….
….who have passed….
…into the beyond….
We welcome you with a phantom toast!
The ossuary bones. Please pour me a glass of wine. Or blood!
The face on the fireplace keeping eyes on the proceedings.
The groaning table set to boo.
Spooky stuff all around.
Drink table.
Children’s corner. Time to play….
Welcoming wreath.
Time to party!
The bats just hanging around.
Time is irrelevant.
Forgot to take in the laundry.
But the table is ready.
The Count welcomes all brave enough to enter!
Welcome all who dare to come in!

We look innocent on the outside, but you know what evil lurks within!

Mandella portraying Pam from “True Blood” wearing her crucifix before the Count turned her. She looks innocent on the outside, but we know better.
Sweet Queen of the Night.
Totally warm and fuzzy…At first!
Now for our magic potions….an eyeball toast!
And the transformation is complete!! Let the party truly begin.
Yes, we’re bad to the bone and we know it!
The happy hosts!
The Queen of the Night mixing her special potion.
This is a Vampire’s Kiss …Vodka, amaretto, orange juice and club soda…
With a splash of blood! Type O of course.

Group shots and poses….what we live for!! Photo hams, photo glams, photo BAMS and photo VAMS!

Sultry Vamps.
…totally innocent.
NOT! Bwaaahaahaaaa!
Shrieking contest!
Now for a “bit” of decorum….The Count calls things to order.
Children of the Night, begin your chaos!
A little night seduction from Mandella.
Oh no! Are those bats or crows!
The ghost seems interested… Hmmmm, a consideration, to be sure.
Give me your heart and ALL of your blood!
Calling all ghosts…
Holding court. Or skull. Whatever!
Did you say something?
Yesss. It is a lovely evening.
Let’s go visit the neighborhood.
Look out! It’s the Coppers!
Does he see us?
Are we invisible?
Will we be arrested?
No, he’s laughing his head off! We will be getting a ticket for “Failure To Scare”.

Dinner, Dessert and lots of posing. We are Glam Hams for sure!

Yes Vampires can enjoy food too.
In a coffin bowl please!
Heart burgers made from Wagyu Beef only.
And dessert.
Chocolate lava cake with hazelnut foam and blood, of course!
The full moon rose over our spooky Veranda. Yes that is Jupiter just below the moon.
Spectacular night for vampiring. Beware!
The gloves are OFF!
The birds have flown the coop.
And the bottle is empty.
Have we reached a Dead End?
Hell, NO!! Never!
We love posing.
We live and die to pose!!
Somebody stop us!!! Somebody dare to try!
Don’t ask Him!!
Who’s the fairest Vampire in the land??
But, you never play fair Bahira.
Could it be Mandella? She only cheats a little.
Sassy Ladies of The Night. No not that kind, silly.
Quack, quack, quack. Or is that a cackle? Thank you.

GNO Vampire GLAM Shots.

Count Dave celebrating the taking of his first innocent. A Vampire GLAM moment for all eternity.
...and now I give you my Ladies of the Night...
Vampire Bahira
Vampire Mandella
Vampire Fara'Asha
...The Eternal Three

FYI for those NOT in the know, Mandella is portraying Pam from True Blood for our GNO Vampire theme.