November 12, 2013

Sunday, November 12, 2023 Nambah’s GNO celebrated Diwali, the Indian holiday known as The Festival of Lights. Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

STOP right there and check it out! Henna hands are the first order of the evening.
Mandella had her toes dressed up, too.
Our Temporal passports were at the ready.
And the scene was set.
Two blue birds were our temporal stamps for our passports.
Setting the scene. Let the Bollywood music begin!
Lots of details.
A veil of mystery to be revealed.
The Taj Mahal welcomes you.
Bits of Indian happiness all around.
Fara’Asha welcomes you…
Mandella welcomes you….
And Bahira welcomes you to our celebration of Diwali.
Come to the Light and join us!

Application of the quick henna tattoos to get us ready for our photos to come.

The henna applications are first. These tattoos are the quick kind.
Ta Da!
Ready for action.
Pomegranate Tea first.
Fill’er up!
Scenes of serenity. Don’t you just want to come in and join the fun!?
Flowers and scarves.
Our Reception Room is ready to receive guests.
Lots of tchotchkes!
Place settings ready for the feast ahead.
Ready to disembark! Hooray for Bollywood!

Our favorite part of Nambah’s GNOs, the photo shoot!! Thank you Brenda for visiting and taking our pictures. Our usual photo Sultan was on an airplane headed home.

Bahira in repose.
Fara’Asha glammed out!
Happy Mandella.
In front of The Veranda. FYI: the word comes from the Hindi “varanda” a porch style copied by the English in India.
All different, yet the same. That’s the Nambahlicious way!
Three little maids from India.
Psst…. I have a secret to tell you!
These gals are The Best!
Posing hams!
….just adorable!!
Welcome to our Reception Room!
We can gab all day long…the fun never stops with us!
And now, for the solo shots we live for!
Can you hear the music?
Mystical Mandella! I see into the Future. So much more fun to come.

The Food!! Bahira purchased a variety of small dishes from a local Pakistani/Indian eatery and fixed them up as only an Iron Chef can do to make them fun.

Vegetable samosas and two flavors Basmati rice, steamed with vegetables and plain. Yogurt and cilantro sauce on the side.
An embarrassment of dishes to choose from, all vegetarian except the tandoori lamb.
Garlic and onion Naan to go with…. Just pile it all together. Yum !!!
Mandella brought 2 different Indian “Sweet Boxes” for us to sample. Very syrupy and impossible to identify. We’ll try anything once.
…but always have backup: chocolate!!!
We were very glad to see it!
And The Nambah News to recap the last GNO. We have soooo much fun!!

The Famous Mandella Glam Photos

Wishing everyone happiness and whirled peas.
Peace Out!.
So long for now! See you next time!!