Monte Carlo Casino Night

December 30, 2023

Monte Carlo Casino Night with the Nambahlicious Ladies. Part 1: The Setting and Surrounds.

Hold on to your dice! It’s gonna be a rough all nighter!!
The coat room on the piano.
Who left this coat?? $$$$$
The game table…..Fun ahead!
Still Life Montage.
Champagne! Of course!!!
Temporal Passports need to be stamped.
All solid gold, of course!
Party favors! Thank you Mandella!!
Yes, that’s the Nambahlicious ladies on the deck!

Nambahlicious Casino Night Part 2. The Players. Now we get to meet the glamorous denizens that inhabit this den of iniquity.

Mrs. Imma B. Gotrocks, the diamond queen of Chicago.
Miss Amethyst Sweetcheeks: party girl!
Zizi, the famous Cigarette Girl of Monte Carlo.
And our croupier/waiter, Pierre: really James Bond undercover!!
Cigars! Cigarettes! Matches! What’s your pleasure?
James had his own cigarette case (I think it is a gun in disguise!)
Watch out for these ladies!
They are always plotting something fun!
BFFs forever!

Casino Night Part Three: Players, playing games!

Time to kick back and have some fun!!
Get comfortable!
Take those toe killers OFF!
Thank you, James!!
Imma gives James the key to her room in thanks!
Zizi checks her cards for marks!
Is everyone ready?
Pierre, the Croupier.
Place your bets!!
Need some more dough? Pierre is a Softy!
Money galore!
Mrs Gotrocks got lucky with 00!
More diamonds to play with.
Happy players!
You lose!! Try again..and again…and again. Is anyone getting hungry?

Nambahlicious Monte Carlo Casino Night: Part Four: Good Eats! Pierre!! Please bring out the food cart!!

Here it comes!
Yummm! Thank you James! See you later for dessert (wink wink).
Italian meatballs and baby potatoes with herbed butter.
Kofta cucumber poppers.
All you can eat shrimp cocktail and cheese board.
Seafood puffs. Shrimp & Salmon! Yum!!

Nambahlicious Casino Nite Part Five: Dessert, Coffee, Jammies, a Movie (Casino, of course) and all nite viewing of our dancing days as Troupe Nambah. How long will we last?

Coffees and cookies.
And chocolate, of course!
First time for all of us!
From Glam…
To Ham!
And Beyond!!
Fooling around!
Is Bahira snoring? Nope. Strictly hamming it up. We stayed up till 7:30 A.M.
A unique perspective.
Start the movie!!!

Nambahlicious Casino Nite Part Six: Portraits and Poses, Nambah-style.

We'll treasure this forever! Thank you Mandella!!
Party Girl!
Stately Lady!
She loves her diamonds and gold.
What’s going on here??
Nambah Family Portrait.
Love these gals!!
To the moon and back…!
Zizi!! See you Next Year!! Stay safe until then.

Casino/Monte Carlo Night GLAM Shots.

New Years Greetings in Gold from Bahira (Mrs. Imma B. Gotrocks).
Happy 2024 from Mandella as ZiZi, Monte Carlo's Cigarette Girl.
Amethyst Sweetcheeks is sending fireworks your way..
Bond, James Pierre Bond (AKA Dave) keeping it classy for the new year.
We are each other's ray of light in our forever circle of friendship. Happy New Year everyone!