Birds of a Feather

March 30, 2024

March 30, 2024 GNO extravaganza was strictly “For The Birds”! The theme being "Birds of a Feather" The Nambah ladies put on their best feathers for a hooting good evening of fun.

First: House Rules...and we were all well-behaved and followed the rules all night long.
Our official Greeter.
Stormy tried to sneak in to the party!

Bahira's decorations put smiles on our faces with each new discovery.

The Red Robin kept bobbin' his head, making sure we all kept in line.
Swan and ducklings in the bubbles.
Hooo’s that?
You’re being watched!
It’s time to play! Who’s ready?
A brief stop at the bird bath to freshen up. We must always have fresh tail feathers!
Welcome to Birds of a Feather GNO!!

Checking in with the Temporal Official to have our passports stamped!

Let me see your documents.
Ok, this one checks out!
Approved!! Green bird stamp for this GNO.
Everyone had their Temporal Passports at the ready for Official GNO business.
Gifts for each of us. We do love our coffees!!
Quoth the Raven “Don’t mess with me!”
Whooos that?
How’s this for a pose? My good side!
A Toast! "To The Raven, The Owl, The Peacock & The Penguin! All Birds of a Feather!
The Flamango and the Peacock -- Best Pals!
Dave is The Penguin from Batman. Quack quack quack! Nailed it!!
Birds of a Feather. We love to be together!
We are off to play a game of hunting for birds in the Bird House.

The group went on an hour-long bird hunt in the entire house finding feathered friends hidden throughout the house. Over 100 avians were found hidden with a group effort. Phew! Then it was time eat!

Flamingo napkins counted as two.
The Penguin presided over the Banquet. Yum!
Delicious infanticide. It was a little weird upon reflection.
Bird seed.
Peacock fruit provided by Fara Asha.
Even the plates had birds on them.
Birds nest salad.
Tomato worms and tweet balls for the main course.
Even the Parmesan cheese looked like nesting material.
And for dessert…coffee of course and…in our new cups!
Mandella’s Homemade apple pie. Delicious.
The official reading of The Nambah News Letter.
Plotting our next GNO for April. Quack, quack, caw, caw, tweet, tweet! See you next month!!

Birds of a Feather GLAM.

Birds of a Feather Flock in Fun Forever!
Dapper Dave in Flapper Feathers

See you next time!