Fara'Asha, having been born and raised in San Francisco, was exposed to many cultures. She has loved music of all types. She fought with her mother through many sessions of piano and violin practices, but it gave her a foundation in music. Fara'Asha came into belly dancing later than many. Single parenthood, returning to school, and joining the work force didn't leave much time for outside activities -- then she stumbled into belly dancing. A friend suggested a belly dance class for fun and fitness. Fara'Asha was hooked; the rhythm of the music, the movement of the dance, the beautiful costumes, the camaraderie. (By the way, her friend dropped out after the third class.) Fara'Asha means - "butterfly". She chose this dance name because she feels the dance has and continues to -- "transform" her from a simple caterpillar into a beautiful free butterfly. Along with the original members, Bahira and Mandella, she wants to explore other cultural interpretations of dance.