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    Many of Bahira's costumes have been fashioned using her own artistic talents and the fine sewing skills of Zora, Personal Seamstress for belly dancers.

    Bahira is available to create a unique Beautiful Bedlah Set for you by special appointment.
    Click on this link for more information on Bahira and Bahira's Beautiful Bedlah.


    Adira is current President of San Francisco/Bay Area MECDA and owner of The Magic Camel bellydance boutique located inside The Pink City Shopping Emporium at 813 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View (650) 964-7385. Check out the boutique location or on her website for your dancing, costuming and accessory needs. Bahira's own "Mermaid Hair" is available for purchase at The Magic Camel.

    Adira's husband, Duane Stevens (Mr. Adira), has kindly shared his photos of Troupe Nambah with us and many of his photos are on our Past Performances Pages. His Portfoilio Hosting Site also features photos of Troupe Nambah...Check it out and, if you like what you see, contact him at for any of your photographic needs.

    Naiya & Numa'ir are a classy husband & wife belly dance duo with which Troupe Nambah has the pleasure of friendship and respect. They also perform on a regular basis at Menara Moroccan Restaurant.

    Troupe Nambah is delighted to link
    with Yolanda, "former" President of
    San Francisco/Bay Area MECDA.
    Check out her website for other happenings
    in the bay area bellydance community. 

    Maia has moved to the Portland. Oregon,
    area and is deeply missed by Troupe Nambah.
    The Troupe always enjoyed sharing a
    performance night at Menara with the elegant
    and graceful Maia. Please visit:

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    Mandella, affectionately called "Betty Boop" by the We3BellyDance owners, highly recommends We3BellyDance for all your costume/accessory needs.

    For your belly dancing jewelry repair, contact Elaina at:
    ...Check out Mandella's other troupe:
    Current Dancers:
    Mandella Rivera, Jesus Rivera, & Amber McReynolds

    Mandella & Fara'Asha
    The Nambahlicious Twins 

    Mandella & Fara'Asha recommend
    Dr. Tim Jennings for all your chiropractic
    needs. He has the chiropractic moves
    to counteract all those belly dancing moves!

    2 Books by Barry Geistlinger:
    1) Love Profound, and
    2) Passport To The Future
    You can order them on-line by visiting:

    Mandella and Fara'Asha
    The HAMS Behind the FANS

    For all your massage therapy needs, Mandella recommends Grace Massage & Body Works.
    You can trust in the security of a professional, Certified Massage Therapist...Give Danna a call.

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    Nambah Blue Eyes